Three Hearts Trilogy, Writing

Hello? Second half — where is?

I like reading book reviews that feature memes and gifs, so for those of you asking for the rest of One Week Three Hearts, I present an explanation I hope you will enjoy because I think you all deserve at least some sort of update.

First I wrote the whole thing out and thought to myself:

Then I asked a few people if they wanted to read it. First they were all:

Then they were like this:

And then I was all:

And I know you are like this:

So I’m giving myself a deadline to get it done real soon after dipping toes into writing some other stuff. Writers tend to play head games with themselves about quality of work and not wanting to disappoint readers, but I’m at the point right now where I know if I screw it up, you’ll tell me and hopefully I’ll address it in the final book. Thank you for sticking with me so far, and please comment with a gif. 🙂

Three Hearts Trilogy, Writing

Three Hearts Trilogy: Writing Jason

The perfect man doesn’t exist in books or other media.

We look for the perfect man everywhere.

The perfect man is as unique as each of us.

Sometimes the perfect man is the one laying next to you.


On Writing Trilogies

As I sit here going through the latest chapter in the next installment of The Three Hearts Trilogy, I thought I would take a bit to explain my writing process and why I write three act trilogies. I don’t think it is a particularly unique way of going about it, and I’m sure other authors go through similar exercises.

Freedom to change things is the biggest reason behind this method. I like confirming with beta readers that I’m hitting the points I’m trying to convey. Going step by step through one smaller portion instead of some giant 80K+ novel all at once makes this manageable for all involved. Ideas hit me at all different times, but once it is published, I can’t really go back and make drastic changes to the plot or maybe focus on something a little bit more.

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