Three Hearts Trilogy

One Night Three Hearts $0.99 limited time price at Amazon

Go grab One Night Three Hearts for $0.99 at Amazon; I’m making it available for a limited time at that price and One Week Three Hearts is coming out really soon. Like totally soon. Super duper uber soon.

There are only ten days left in the month and one of them will have the next installment — I promise. 🙂

Three Hearts Trilogy

One Week Three Hearts: Chapter One Preview

Thanks to the speedy feedback from beta readers  (and some fast editing work by my amazing editor), a preview for the second book in the Three Hearts Trilogy and follow up to One Night Three Hearts is available after the jump.

One Week Three Hearts is exclusively available at and scheduled to release TBD August 2013. The books aren’t standalone so please make sure you read the first book before diving into this, and I strongly recommend only readers 21 years old and over read this as it contains mature and explicit content.

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Three Hearts Trilogy

Reminder to Beta Readers: Survey Closes Mon 8.12

Quick reminder to 1N3H/1W3H beta readers: the survey will close at 11:59 PM PST tomorrow (Monday, August 12).

Please make sure you fill out the survey before then, as I want to give you all some chapters from the next Three Hearts book as quickly as possible.

My greatest amount of thanks to each and every one of you for all the extremely helpful feedback you gave so far.

Three Hearts Trilogy

1N3H: From Jason’s Files

2004-03-18 Matt: Did you like that?
2004-03-18 Rose: Yes
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to tell you something
2004-03-18 Rose: We can't keep doing this, Matt. It's wrong.
2004-03-18 Matt: We aren't doing anything wrong. That is in your head.
2004-03-18 Rose: No, really. I can't.
2004-03-18 Matt: You don't want me to talk to you anymore? :(
2004-03-18 Matt: Why?
2004-03-18 Rose: It's not that. This is really confusing me.
2004-03-18 Rose: It's getting too real kwim?
2004-03-18 Matt: I don't understand.
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to go. Jason will be back soon.
2004-03-18 Matt: ttyl

On Writing Trilogies

As I sit here going through the latest chapter in the next installment of The Three Hearts Trilogy, I thought I would take a bit to explain my writing process and why I write three act trilogies. I don’t think it is a particularly unique way of going about it, and I’m sure other authors go through similar exercises.

Freedom to change things is the biggest reason behind this method. I like confirming with beta readers that I’m hitting the points I’m trying to convey. Going step by step through one smaller portion instead of some giant 80K+ novel all at once makes this manageable for all involved. Ideas hit me at all different times, but once it is published, I can’t really go back and make drastic changes to the plot or maybe focus on something a little bit more.

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One of the more common questions I get about One Night Three Hearts is “why does Rose want to have a baby?”

Here is a video to sum up what I can’t write. I know, I tried about 50 times to write it. If you can capture this in words, then you are a much better writer than me and you should start self-publishing.