Three Hearts Trilogy

Whee… an update!

The second half of One Week Three Hearts will be added to your existing copy by June September 2016. Plan to publish One Month Three Hearts by October 2016.

Apologies for the super long wait.

Three Hearts Trilogy

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Three Hearts Trilogy

1N3H: From Jason’s Files

2004-03-18 Matt: Did you like that?
2004-03-18 Rose: Yes
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to tell you something
2004-03-18 Rose: We can't keep doing this, Matt. It's wrong.
2004-03-18 Matt: We aren't doing anything wrong. That is in your head.
2004-03-18 Rose: No, really. I can't.
2004-03-18 Matt: You don't want me to talk to you anymore? :(
2004-03-18 Matt: Why?
2004-03-18 Rose: It's not that. This is really confusing me.
2004-03-18 Rose: It's getting too real kwim?
2004-03-18 Matt: I don't understand.
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to go. Jason will be back soon.
2004-03-18 Matt: ttyl

One of the more common questions I get about One Night Three Hearts is “why does Rose want to have a baby?”

Here is a video to sum up what I can’t write. I know, I tried about 50 times to write it. If you can capture this in words, then you are a much better writer than me and you should start self-publishing.