Three Hearts Trilogy

Whee… an update!

The second half of One Week Three Hearts will be added to your existing copy by June September 2016. Plan to publish One Month Three Hearts by October 2016.

Apologies for the super long wait.

Three Hearts Trilogy

A Preview From One Week Three Hearts: Jason’s POV

This is a little raw and not very polished, but I wanted to give you all asking about it a short preview of Jason’s POV chapter in the unpublished second half of One Week Three Hearts.

For those who want to avoid the spoiler, don’t click through! It’s not a huge one, but gives a minor glimpse into the relationship between Jason and Matt. The true nature of their friendship won’t be revealed and completely spelled out until the final book of the trilogy because we’re not quite at that point yet, though I hope you enjoy the way we get there.
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Three Hearts Trilogy, Writing

Hello? Second half — where is?

I like reading book reviews that feature memes and gifs, so for those of you asking for the rest of One Week Three Hearts, I present an explanation I hope you will enjoy because I think you all deserve at least some sort of update.

First I wrote the whole thing out and thought to myself:

Then I asked a few people if they wanted to read it. First they were all:

Then they were like this:

And then I was all:

And I know you are like this:

So I’m giving myself a deadline to get it done real soon after dipping toes into writing some other stuff. Writers tend to play head games with themselves about quality of work and not wanting to disappoint readers, but I’m at the point right now where I know if I screw it up, you’ll tell me and hopefully I’ll address it in the final book. Thank you for sticking with me so far, and please comment with a gif. 🙂

Three Hearts Trilogy

One Week Three Hearts Publishes Thursday April 17

It means a lot to me that so many of you ask when One Week Three Hearts is coming out. To be completely honest, I’m confident in the first half of the book — it’s the second half that I keep rewriting and messing with. I’m writing about one of the most challenging things a woman can put herself through, and it’s very important to me that I get it right.

So I am going to try an experiment that hopefully won’t fall flat on its face: I will release the first part of One Week Three Hearts on Thursday, April 17. The book will be free on Amazon beginning Saturday, April 19 through Monday, April 21, and temporarily priced at $0.99 afterwards until I upload the remaining portions of the book’s file to Amazon.

Those who wish to read the whole book at once shouldn’t buy this, and simply wait for the complete novel to release, keeping in mind the price will raise to $2.99 when it does. This way, those who can’t wait and need to know what happens next can be happy, and there isn’t a need to purchase two separate installments.

Very important: you won’t have to repurchase the book when the second half is added to it. My intent isn’t to turn a trilogy into a serial. Either Amazon will update your Kindle file/send you a message to update the Kindle file, or you can manually delete the file from your Kindle and re-add it through Manage My Kindle. I will have more detailed instructions on how to do this when the second half is added to the Kindle file.

The three signs the full novel is available for download/purchase:

  1. The title on Amazon changes from One Week Three Hearts (Part 1) to simply One Week Three Hearts
  2. The price changes from $0.99 to $2.99
  3. Blog post here announcing the full book is available with instructions on how to update your copy on your Kindle

Thank you so much for your patience, and understanding.

Three Hearts Trilogy

One Night Three Hearts $0.99 limited time price at Amazon

Go grab One Night Three Hearts for $0.99 at Amazon; I’m making it available for a limited time at that price and One Week Three Hearts is coming out really soon. Like totally soon. Super duper uber soon.

There are only ten days left in the month and one of them will have the next installment — I promise. 🙂

Three Hearts Trilogy

One Week Three Hearts: Chapter One Preview

Thanks to the speedy feedback from beta readers  (and some fast editing work by my amazing editor), a preview for the second book in the Three Hearts Trilogy and follow up to One Night Three Hearts is available after the jump.

One Week Three Hearts is exclusively available at and scheduled to release TBD August 2013. The books aren’t standalone so please make sure you read the first book before diving into this, and I strongly recommend only readers 21 years old and over read this as it contains mature and explicit content.

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