Three Hearts Trilogy

Dark Passions Box Set Available Now

Dark Passions is a collection of dark romance and edgier erotica from ten authors, including yours truly. The boxed set is available for a limited time price of $0.99, so go grab your copy today. We also joined together for a Rafflecopter giveaway with lots of cool prizes for the winners, and it’s super easy to enter.


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Three Hearts Trilogy

One Night Three Hearts $0.99 limited time price at Amazon

Go grab One Night Three Hearts for $0.99 at Amazon; I’m making it available for a limited time at that price and One Week Three Hearts is coming out really soon. Like totally soon. Super duper uber soon.

There are only ten days left in the month and one of them will have the next installment — I promise. 🙂


One of the more common questions I get about One Night Three Hearts is “why does Rose want to have a baby?”

Here is a video to sum up what I can’t write. I know, I tried about 50 times to write it. If you can capture this in words, then you are a much better writer than me and you should start self-publishing.