Three Hearts Trilogy

A Preview From One Week Three Hearts: Jason’s POV

This is a little raw and not very polished, but I wanted to give you all asking about it a short¬†preview of Jason’s POV chapter in the unpublished second half of One Week Three Hearts.

For those who want to avoid the spoiler, don’t click through! It’s not a huge one, but gives a minor glimpse into the relationship between Jason and Matt. The true nature of their friendship won’t be revealed and completely spelled out until the final book of the trilogy because we’re not quite at that point¬†yet, though I hope you enjoy the way we get there.
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Three Hearts Trilogy

1N3H: From Jason’s Files

2004-03-18 Matt: Did you like that?
2004-03-18 Rose: Yes
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to tell you something
2004-03-18 Rose: We can't keep doing this, Matt. It's wrong.
2004-03-18 Matt: We aren't doing anything wrong. That is in your head.
2004-03-18 Rose: No, really. I can't.
2004-03-18 Matt: You don't want me to talk to you anymore? :(
2004-03-18 Matt: Why?
2004-03-18 Rose: It's not that. This is really confusing me.
2004-03-18 Rose: It's getting too real kwim?
2004-03-18 Matt: I don't understand.
2004-03-18 Rose: I need to go. Jason will be back soon.
2004-03-18 Matt: ttyl